LCD Monitor Shipments Forecast to Return to Pre-Pandemic Level for 2023

LCD monitor shipments are estimated to reach around 135 million units for 2022, showing a year-on-year (YoY) drop of 7%, according to TrendForce. Even though shipments on the whole were relatively stable during the first half of 2022 (1H 2022), the demand from the commercial segment of the LCD monitor market slowed down significantly in 2H 2022 as enterprises were scaling back their budgets.

Furthermore, the effects of the ongoing inflation and rising interest rates became more prominent over time, and the demand for consumer electronics fell considerably as a result. This development thus impacted the consumer segment of the LCD monitor market during 2H 2022. Regarding 2023, the pandemic-related demand has subsided, and there are still a lot of uncertainties with respect to the course of the global economy and politics. Given this situation, TrendForce projects that LCD monitor shipments will return to the pre-pandemic level, coming to around 127 million units and registering a YoY decline of about 5.8%.