Company Profile

Founded in 2000, SUNTAI International Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LCD modules for telecommunication products, facsimile machines, cash registers, auto-control products, mobile phones, pagers, POS terminals, and GPS. We also offer touch screen for IA product, communication and OA equipment, household and measuring applications.

20 and 30 New Screens Annually

SUNTAI International can provide all of your TFT LCD solutions- so you'll never need to source different screens from different makers again. Our R&D team has more than 21 years of experience creating custom dot matrix and graphic LCD modules. They developed more than 100 models that we currently offer, ranging in resolutions from 8 x 2 to 320 x 240 pixels - and they also design between 20 and 30 new screens every year.

Optional Touchscreen Control Functionality

We also offer a series of resistive, capacitive, and controller devices integrated into electronic displays suitable for LCD modules, POS, PDAs, kiosks, ATMs, and other industrial controls with easy touch-screen functionality. So whether you need screens for telecom, GPS, or other applications, we've got the devices to suit your needs.

Contact Us Today

If our wide product range somehow doesn't cater to your precise needs, we'd be happy to design a custom model for you, and cost-effectively produce it at our facility in mainland China. With our rich experience in LCD screens, we are able to customize models according to your OEM/ODM specifications. For more information, contact us today.