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Suntai International Co Ltd

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Specialized in TFT LCD Solutions
Suntai International can provide all of your TFT LCD solutions- so you'll never need to source different screens from different makers again. Our R&D team has more than 21 years of experience creating custom dot matrix and graphic LCD modules. They developed more than 100 models that we currently offer, ranging in resolutions from 8 x 2 to 320 x 240 pixels - and they also design between 20 and 30 new screens every year.
With Optional Touchscreen Control Functionality
We also offer a series of resistive, capacitive and controller devices integrated onto electronic displays suitable for LCD modules, POS, PDAs, kiosks, ATMs and other industrial controls with easy touch-screen functionality. So whether you need screens for telecom, GPS or other applications, we've got the devices to suit your needs.
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If our wide product range somehow doesn't cater to your precise needs, we'd be happy to design a custom model for you, and cost-effectively produce it at our facility in mainland China. With our rich experience in LCD screens, we are able to customize models according to your OEM/ODM specifications. For more information, contact us today.

Contact Details

Suntai International Co Ltd
11F-3, No. 646
Chung Hsin Road, Sec. 5,
San Chung Dist.,
New Taipei
Taiwan 24159
Tel: +886  (2)  2278 4166   
Fax: +886  (2)  2278 4565   

Other Homepage Address: http://www.sun-tai.com.tw

Key Contact
Ms Chen Sara
Senior Manager

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